Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Instance in which I Post Other People's Blogs

In this week's episode I reference you to wine writers I follow on a regular basis who have recently written a few articles of interest.

For those who haven't heard, a few months ago one Robert Parker sold a controlling interest of the Wine Advocate to a group of Singapore investors. Mike Steinberger covered that issue at the end of December here as well as the issue of point inflation in the same magazine here.

With a more scientific bent, W. Blake Gray recently covered in two columns the role of brettanomyces, a yeast of much heated debate, in the flavors of wine. It seems UC Davis is finally conceding that brettanomyces may not be a flaw, or unwanted infection, in wine but a part of why some consistent flavors are found in wines of a particular region.

I follow both of these writers because their coverage of the wine world comes from quite a bit of experience and I respect both of them. So sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with a few articles to enrich your wine know how and sometime soon I might even come up with something original!

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