Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gini Salvarenza with lasagna: an evening of deliciousness .

 The other day Beth & I were struck with the desire for lasagna and I was looking for an excuse to open this bottle of 2008 Salvarenza from Soave producer Gini. So with a little extra bechamel and a lighter hand than usual on tomato sauce, we concocted a recipe that would allow for both.

Soave was much maligned in its history due to a period of time (thankfully before I began drinking wine) where output of the white wine based on the grape garganega was produced for quantity in lieu of quality. My faith for the wine was inspired when I had the fortune of sampling in 2011 one of their Soave bottlings from the late '90s - it was fresh, youthful, and mind bendingly good!

The grapes for Salvarenza come from a 5ha vineyard with a southeast exposure, and the average vine age, 80 years! The wine was round and loaded with flavors surpassing primary fruit into a mix of hay, flowers, and stones. It's when I taste wines like this for under $30 that I find myself floored by what people will spend on wines that cost a stupid amount of money but have no chance of being 83 times as good.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

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